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Vision 4 years ago
I feel bad for her. Her face looks like the life has been beaten out of her and she's just there forced against her will, to be a sex object. The dead look on her face in the beginning when she was stripping down felt like a young child who was forced into sex slavery....She's beautiful but I just feel all types of sadness looking at her blank face. All I see is a broken soul...
4 years ago
This bitch is fucking boring, she got a nice body but no life whatsoever
yourmum 3 years ago
is it just me or this dude fuckin her is jewish lol
Sexy 2 years ago
She is very beautiful, unfortunately she is a whore
Addicted 2 years ago
He needs to learn how to fuck. She looked very bored and looked full of sadness. That’s what happens when an ugly guy meets a solid 10/10
i came 3 years ago
ok so she started off looking as if a child was taken away from her then she took off with good rhythm maybe she was nervous from her first scene, who knows. Still hot as fuckkk
Mholla 3 years ago
She's a keeper for me
Anal Juice 2 years ago
10/10 Body but her facial expression ruins it still a perfect kind of woman for me kinda hard to find perfection nowadays
3 years ago
Baby face with a developing body. Can you imagine how much better she will look when she hits her mid-late 20’s
What an ass!!! Hopefully someone unvirginizes her asshole. Lucky dude.
Latina women are the best, curvy and look like real women. Not skinny and plastic in their bodies. I’m currently pounding a beautiful divorce women from Nicaragua. She lets me put my fat cock up her ass. Squirted too!!
GoodGuy 3 years ago
What a beautiful woman, she has alot of potential, shes very beautiful in the face has that innocent look her body is beautiful her ass is gorgeous. I feel bad for her its like she wasnt up for this but needs the money. Im here in the states just trying to find a decent loyal woman and this beauty comes from nothing.